ETC PreSchool is a play based, christian early learning center. Play is how your child will learn about their environment through exploration, trial and error, acting out, and manipulation.

Play based learning is a technical way of describing the way children, especially young children, explore and make sense of their world. Children who are encouraged to learn and grow in this way learn to use their brains in different ways to understand and solve problems.  Through play-based learning, children develop an understanding of the social and physical conditions that define their world, and the language and symbols that are used to describe it.

Children who have been given plenty of opportunities for play-based learning will have a great start in life. Among other things, it is believed they will develop self confidence, a positive self-image, social and language skills, curiosity, persistence and concentration.  What is more, as they get older they are more likely to engage in activities, such as sport or youth clubs, which will develop their life skills further.
In the Block Center at ETC a child will:

*Develop large muscles while lifting, carrying and

*Create and expresses emotions.

*Develop math concepts.

*Work cooperatively with others.

*Reason, imagine and problem solve.

*Engage in conversation.

In the Art Center at ETC a child will:

*Enjoy sensory experiences.
*Create and innovates.
*Release emotional tensions and frustrations.
*Improve social skills.
*Practice small and large motor skills while cutting, squeezing,
  pounding, rolling, painting and drawing.
*Develop eye hand coordination.

In the Science Center at ETC a child will:

*Observe, asks questions and make inferences.
*Conduct experiments.
*Learn respect for the environment.
*Learn to care for animals and plants.

In the Music Center at ETC a child will:

*Enjoy music, rythm and movement.
*Create music, rhythm and movement.
*Experiment with various instruments and their sounds.
*Cooperate with other children.
*Can play alone.
*Practice small and large motor skills.